Recycling and Composting Image

We pledge to take on an even greater role in the journey to a more sustainable City of Springfield.

We have hired a director of sustainability who oversees the District’s foodservice Resource Management and Recycling Programs, chemical management and school gardens. By utilizing SMART (Sustainability Management and Reporting Tool) for schools, the director will be able to focus on and support the key parameters outlined in the City’s Sustainability Plan in partnership with the office of Parks and Recreation and the Springfield Green Committee.

One area of focus will be the reduction and eventual elimination of polystyrene from the foodservice program. Replacing polystyrene trays and plates with biodegradable products is estimated to cost $125,000. We propose eliminating polystyrene within three years, through a combination of replacing/repairing obsolete dish machines and incorporating biodegradable and other paper products. A program will also be developed and implemented to recycle the milk bottles recently introduced in the secondary schools.


Recycling and composting image

Our team will partner with the Department of Public Works (DPW) to assist in collecting organic food waste that will be used to produce compost, an enriched soil that can be used in place of petroleum-based fertilizers. Collecting the organic food waste can reduce waste removal costs for the District, while helping the environment. Springfield Public Schools will set the example for other school districts in the state to collect food waste for the purpose of composting.